It is our honour to introduce you to 26, our Villa La Posta memberships for 2025, where we invite our exclusive members to  join us in the Tuscan  countryside, in the province of Siena In 1833 the celebrated architect Alessandro Doveri redesigned the villa, transforming it into a coaching house for travellers on the Grand Tour of Italy. He designed twenty-six guest rooms in the neo-classical style. To honour the art of these rooms, we named our memberships, 26. The Villa La Posta original wooden key rack holds each of the 26 keys. 

Our exclusive memberships will give our members the chance to stay with us, use our vintage cars and experience our Tuscany in a home from home setting as we reimagine Doveri’s coaching house in line with a life of culture, art, and hospitality. Step into our world where we will show you the true magic of Tuscan landscapes and dreams, were we talk about the art of living, sharing with you our Tuscany.