In the heart of Tuscany, stands Villa La Posta—an exquisite testament to centuries of rich heritage, nestled within a UNESCO World Heritage site. This grand villa, steeped in history and timeless elegance, is presently undergoing a meticulous restoration to preserve its unparalleled beauty and historical significance. Our fervent dedication to luxury and heritage drives this exceptional endeavor. We extend an exclusive invitation to those who recognize the honor of contributing to such a distinguished project. By investing in Villa La Posta, you do not merely invest in property; you become a guardian of culture, a patron of art, and a vital part of a legacy that transcends time. Together, let us restore and elevate this magnificent estate to its rightful grandeur, ensuring its splendor endures for generations to come.


Within the historic confines of Villa La Posta lies La Limonaia, an enchanting space that once housed the villa's treasured lemon trees. This storied location is now being transformed into a haven for art and culture, curated by the acclaimed photographer Grace Lambert-Phillips. Her fine art prints, inspired by the timeless beauty of Tuscany and the villa's rich heritage, are available for acquisition. Each piece is a testament to the elegance and history that define Villa La Posta. By purchasing these exquisite works, you not only bring a piece of this majestic estate into your home but also support the ongoing preservation and restoration of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the sublime artistry of La Limonaia and join us in celebrating the confluence of history, art, and luxury.

Fine art from La Limonaia


Villa la Posta was once a welcome refuge along the journey for merchants, ambassadors, thieves, adventurers and princes until the beginning of last century before it was transformed into a gentle and lavish estate. Follow our steps on the grand tour as we begin a new chapter in the story of Villa la Posta and prepare to reopen its doors in 2025.