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Villa La Posta stands in the plan of Petraglia, at the foot of the fortress which last defended the Government of the freedom of the Sienese Republic: the castle of Monteriggioni is nowadays considered to be one of the most important UNESCO sites of the world. Its construction dates back to the end of the 18th century, a period in which the journey through Italy was very fashionable among European nobility and men of culture.  So fashionable, in fact, that it was considered necessary to transform the asset, once a farm, into a proper coaching house and this was made possible due to the interventions lead by the accomplished architect and sculpture, Alessandro Doveri, who was very much in vogue in that period. This intervention gave to the building its current configuration, austere and imposing. At that time, among its walls, all of those who travelled from the north to Rome, alone or in company, found a bed, a warm meal and a place to change their horses.

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The grandiosity of the lines of the late 19th century, the very high ceilings and the wide vaults make of the villa a very comfortable and reassuring place. Its pure Italian garden was made out of the design of Alessandro Doveri and Count Chevalier Luigi de Cambray Digny who together dreamed to fulfil the ambitions of that century, creating an infinite linear of lightness. One’s first steps inside the villa may be accompanied by the idea of entering an embassy and the garden, which discloses decades of dedication and care within the grounds, offers its glades of quiet seated areas and statues, a place of enchantment and wonder.

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Living Art at Villa la Posta

We are rediscovering the villa as a coaching house along the Via Francigena, a place to stop and enjoy the comforts of our hospitality, promoting the excellencies of the land and sharing a different vision of the amenities that it provides. It will include a gallery dedicated to contemporary living art & the art of film photography, our wine club, our private members club, giving access to the villa as a home from home, the use of our vintage cars, private dining, a special space to host your events and business meetings and much more. 

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