What is Living Art?

At Villa la Posta we built our foundations upon the idea of what we call 'Living Art', for us this means that art is found and exists within every aspect of the life we live there. It means that the herbs and flowers in the garden may find their way to be drawn, painted or photographed in the studio, before then being enjoyed within the dishes that the chef will prepare or displayed within the rooms and on the tables. It means mostly that you will find beauty and creation within the daily life, that life is art and we live is as such. Dining is not just eating but an opportunity to express oneself through the layout of the table, the quality of the linens, the colour and expression of the wine. The art in the studio is not just something to look at but also to talk about, to dine beside, to create. When in the studio you may enjoy a tea or a lunch within the artworks, or in the library you may enjoy a discussion about the food, there will be theatre, there will be music, there will be food served in beautiful ways and this is all a way of life, a way to be, through the seasons, through the ordinary days where art is not a pursuit but a way to be.
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