Estupendo and his race to the Palio of Siena

The Lambert-Philips Foundation and Villa la Posta sponsored this special young horse over the past 8 months as he was in training hoping to race in the famous Palio of Siena. We were really proud to stand behind him as this beautiful young boy of only 4 years old, made it to the final 35 horses last week ahead of this weeks Palio race 2024. Unfortunately Estupendo's name was not picked out to race as one of the 10 chosen horses, but he did make it all the way to the last stage, the rest is chance. We witnessed him in training and here he is photographed with Antonio Mula, his trainer and jockey, around the training course at their stables outside of Siena. We will be rooting for him for next year, as it is only the beginning for him. Thank you Estupendo and Antonio and his team for allowing us to spend time watching your progress, we will continue to support you!
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